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Please be sure to read, understand, and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before purchasing a hosting plan with us.

Privacy Policy

Zefie Networks ("zefie.net", "we", "us", or "provider") will not trade, sell, make available or disclose to any third party any form of personal information without your consent. We value our customers ("you", "user", or "end-user") both current and potential, and want to ensure their privacy when using our services. The following Privacy Policy is enacted to explain how we collect and use information from our customers who use services from zefie.net and those who may have visited our website or communicated with zefie.net

Collection, Use, and Communication of Information (by Zefie Networks and/or Third Parties)

In order to use services provided by Zefie Networks, personally identifiable information, including but not limited to name, physical address, email address, telephone number, credit card information and other personal information, must be collected. The customer is responsible for accurate and updated information on file with Zefie Networks. Zefie Networks will not disclose any of the user's personally identifiable information unless required by law or in order to investigate unlawful activity and/or fraud.

Zefie Networks may also collect non-personally identifiable information from customers and visitors regarding usage of our services or our web site and the viewing of our emails. This may include web site pages viewed, time spent using certain services, IP address, emails opened or blocked, cookies and other information which does not specifically identify any one individual. This information may be shared with third parties by Zefie Networks. The end-user may choose to disable or restrict the placement of cookies, but may result in interference of the website's functionality.

Cookies are used on many websites in order to gather information and enhance the use of our site to the end-user's preferences. We are not able to gather personally identifiable information through the placement of cookies unless the user is registered for our site and has purposely given Zefie Networks personal information. Zefie Networks may also use tracking pixels in order to track the number of visitors to our site and the amount of time spent on each webpage.

Zefie Networks will use non-personal information to market services to customers and visitors that Zefie Networks believes may be of interest to them. This may be done through emails, newsletters, banner ads, etc. We may use third parties in order to do this and will not share your credit card information with any third parties unless they are involved in processing payments for services that you have purchased from Zefie Networks.

Zefie Networks will not read or disclose to any third parties private e-mail or other communications that are transmitted using Zefie Networks services except as required to ensure proper operation of services or as otherwise authorized by law. The end-user is liable for any personal information that he or she voluntarily makes available through publicly accessible Internet mediums, such as forums, blogs, and instant messages, and assumes all risks for partaking in such activities that cannot be controlled by Zefie Networks.


Zefie Networks is committed to providing secure and reliable service and has security measures in place to ensure no personally identifiable information may be obtained from outside parties. However, the end-user must always practice caution whenever using the public Internet and acknowledges the risks involved when sharing personal information online.

Zefie Networks has zero tolerance for spam. Please see the Terms of Service to read about Zefie Networks's infractions against those who are found guilty of using our services for spam.

Deletion of Accounts

Zefie Networks will delete all private information on cancelled accounts unless obligated by law to retain the information. Zefie Networks will never sell or give your private information to any other companies after you have cancelled an account.

Policy Changes

Zefie Networks reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this policy at any time. Customers will be notified only if the change affects the usage of personal information that was obtained before the policy change. You accept such changes by continuing use of our services.


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