Professional Web Design for your Business

We offer professional web design to help you expose your business on the internet. Below you can find a sampling of our previous work, including personal and small business websites. From a professional design, to a dynamic personal design, we can design any site you desire!

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Web Design Portfolio

Last Call Animal and Pest Control offers affordable pest removal services.

2nd Best Thrift is a local thrift shop owned and operated by zefie's friends.

Zefie Networks' main Web Hosting and Web Design website.

Zefie's weather video site, featuring a custom theme based off of Wordpress theme Suffusion.

Zefie's hub site, The Midnight Channel, featuring a creepy image of zefie ;)

A small spinoff page for our server's default page. Completely rendered in CSS/HTML.

Persona 4 Arena Character Generator. Rendered in CSS/JS/HTML, final output in PHP GD.

Persona 3 inspired design, scrolling via javascript. Even works on smartphones and tablets.

Going on the design of, and inspired by Apache mod_autoindex, this custom file indexer is written from scratch. circa 2005, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. One of zefie's first designs.